Setting Up Custom Pretty Permalinks in WordPress

by Mark Macdonald

One of the first things you’re going to want to do with a new WordPress install is setting up pretty permalinks.

Permalinks are the permanent URL’s to the various posts and pages throughout your website or blog.

By default, WordPress’ URL structure is rather ‘ugly’ from a usability and SEO standpoint.

Here’s how WordPress creates your permalinks by default:

‘N’ is the post ID.

Creating Pretty Permalinks

Making your permalinks ‘pretty’ is a good idea for a few reasons.

  • It will make your permalinks easier for you to remember for internal linking purposes
  • It will make your permalinks easier for your users to remember and give them more information about what your content is about if they are coming from Google
  • From an SEO standpoint it helps you rank better by naturally inserting keywords into your URL structure.

And the good news is setting up pretty permalinks is easy.

In your WordPress dashboard go to Settings » Permalinks. Choose ‘Custom’ and then enter:



Click save and you’re all set!

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