Website & Blog Design

These days your website is how people “look you up” so it’s important that you’re easy to find, make a good first impression and convert visitors into subscribers, customers and clients. If we work together, I’ll help you make sure your business website or blog does just that. With every client project I focus on providing:

Stunning design. People make split second judgments about the quality of something based on its presentation alone. I’ll make sure your website makes a convincing first impression.

Clear navigation. People need to know what your site is about, what they can see or do and how to go about doing it. I make sure your site’s design makes this crystal clear.

Ease of use. If you can edit a Word document or send an email, then you can use WordPress. In other words, WordPress gives you the option of getting behind the wheel and updating and adding content to your website yourself.

Search engine optimization. Some businesses need to rely on targeted search traffic for online success. I help make sure your content is optimized for Google’s search robots but still written with humans in mind.

Responsiveness and on-time delivery. Barring any natural disasters, your project is going to be delivered on time. And if you send me an email about something, I will get back to you right away.

Support you can count on. In addition to 30 days free support after your project is delivered, I also offer full support for any edits, changes or technical support you may require down the road through an hourly rate or monthly support package.

Thesis Customization

So you want to use the super popular Thesis Theme but you don’t want your site to look like Thesis out of the box. Whether it’s a few simple design tweaks here or there or a more fulsome design overhaul, I can help you get thesis just the way you want it.

Consulting & Support

I offer 30 days free support on all client projects for any little tweaks that need to be made here or there. I also offer a monthly support plan for any edits, changes or technical support that you may need.

And for an hourly rate I can provide WordPress training if you’re looking for some one on one instruction. In addition, I’m developing free tutorials and premium ones that will be made available to clients.

All of the sites I design are built with WordPress, the most popular Content Management System and blogging platform, and the highly flexible Thesis Theme Framework. If that’s gibberish to you, don’t worry (or read this).

Tell me about your project. Send me an email.